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Amanda Warren
Amanda Warren
Counsellor in Farnham

Counselling Room


What people say about Amanda Warren and Counselling...

"An ordinary women with an extra ordinary ability to lead people from pain to emotional freedom.  Amanda gave me a place to express my pain without judgement, helped me rediscover my right to freely love myself and the value of being myself even when faced with rejection."

"Not only did I experience Amanda to be an excellent counsellor but the way the sessions and therapy are structured is of a high standard too. From the beginning Amanda clearly sets the expectations of both herself and the client. I found this especially supportive as it made me commit to my own self development and was my first step to investing in me."

"Therapy is a long subtle process, pitted with highs, lows and beautiful moments of self discovery. Amanda was my counsellor, guide and friend throughout and I can never thank her enough for her outstanding contribution throughout my initial journey."
"Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglect." W. Shakespeare (Henr
y V)

“After 47 years of marriage we arrived at a critical point of great difference which we were unable to resolve ourselves. The skilful intervention, counselling and understanding of Amanda enabled us to resolve our issues with each other in a very positive environment. We are greatly indebted to Amanda and feel sure that others will achieve positive outcomes with her help.“

"Counselling was something that other people had.  I was strong and full of drive and ambition and could get through on sheer passion and adrenalin.  A flash point came, making me realise that I was hurting the people I most loved around me.  At that point I knew I needed help and luckily found Amanda.  Having the opportunity to sit down and talk about my journey and life to date, I could see I was exhausted and needed to be less rigid and alter my perspective.  Through our sessions, I learnt to be more relaxed and at ease with life and all it can throw at you.  I am glad to say I am in a much better place, thanks to Amanda".

Complimentary Introductory Session

"Without awareness, we are not truly alive"
James F T Bugental