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Amanda Warren
Amanda Warren
Counsellor in Farnham

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What is Counselling all about?

There are many different issues that bring people to counselling, though the theme is often the same...a sense of feeling 'stuck'.  At times in our lives we experience painful emotions and difficult situations and decisions, and although friends and family offer support, an 'extra something' is often needed.  

Counselling is no longer the 'taboo' it was.  In an independant survey, commissioned by the BACP, 95% agree that 'it is a good idea to seek counselling or psychotherapy for a problem before it gets out of hand, while 83% agreed that people might be happier if they talked to a counsellor or psychotherapist about their problems' (Carol Goldstone Associates 2010).

That 'extra something' I can offer as an impartial professional Counsellor, is a non judgemental listening ear, with a safe space to explore thoughts, feelings and situations.  I am not here to offer advice but to explore with you, your thoughts and feelings around experiences, past and present, relationships, ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour.  Developing and understanding of yourself and others and finding your own solutions...making sense of your world.
There are many reasons why people embark on counselling, they are not always in crisis or on the verge of it.  They may wish to seek a more balanced life, developing self awareness and personal growth, feeling more enriched and fulfilled.

I offer an initial complementary session; an opportunity to gain an understanding of what brings you to therapy, your expectations, hopes and fears and any questions you may have.  Above all, it is a time to meet each other and start to build a connection, which I feel is the very core of what counselling is all about.  If you feel comfortable then we can look at regular sessions, moving forward.


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Complimentary Introductory Session


"From error to error one discovers the truth"

Sigmund Freud