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Amanda Warren
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Antidepressants & Counselling
Marriage Counselling

A Psychiatrists View - April 2014 - A small but interesting article on a Psychiatrists personal view of antidepresents.


Therapy for the Elderly - November 2013 - It is a shame that more of the elderly are not encouraged to have therapy, perhaps this is also to do with the "stiff upper lip" way of thinking.

'The National Audit of Psychological Therapies, the second such audit carried out by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) and based on data from 2012, found only 6% of service users were over 65 - despite this group making up an estimated 21% of the total population with such common mental health problems.'


Does Marriage Counselling Work? - January 2014 - An interesting and well written articles, questioning the success or failure of marriage counselling ...encompassing the wider picture and making some valid points.

'The truth is that there are many factors that can impact the potential success or failure of marriage counseling for any given couple.'


The drugs do work, but they can't cure unhappiness - November 2013 - An article that appeared in The Guardian, written by Dr Tim Cantopher, a Psychiatrist who I have a great deal of admiration.